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Areas of Expertise
Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) has unique expertise in many areas, including:
  • Materials and Processes
  • Mission Operations
  • Propulsion Systems
  • Space Systems
  • Vehicle Systems
Patent Portfolio
In addition to the areas of expertise listed above, the Technology Transfer Office at MSFC has a diverse portfolio of inventions available for licensing, especially in these categories:
  • Mechanical and Fluid Systems
  • Manufacturing
  • Materials and Coatings
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Propulsion
For more information on how to license technologies with NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, please visit: technology.nasa.gov/license.

Our Staff
Terry Taylor
Technology Transfer Officer (Acting)
Software Release Authority (Acting)
Terry Taylor
Valerie Hughes
New Technology Representative
Valerie Hughes

Contact us:
Marshall Space Flight Center
Technology Transfer Office
MS: ST22
Huntsville, AL 35812